Stopping Mountains Into Molehills


Ingrid Lakey
Lola Georg

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Earth Quaker Action Team

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Ingrid Lakey and Lola Georg are board members of Earth Quaker Action Team, doing their bit to fight Climate Change, featuring their campaign to get PNC Bank to eliminate its investments in mountain-top removal.

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I'm Still Standing - Carrie Newcomer



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Blind, my screen reading

Blind, my screen reading software is unable to start any program. Luddite that I am, I nevertheless am guessing your webpage is missing text labels for visual graphics invisible to screen readers? Please call me at 603-542-6600 if you are willing to work with me to improve blind access. I was involved with the founding of AFSC NH, and am former Clamshell Alliance staff opposing nuclear power and promoting renewables. I am an active occasional attender of Quaker City Unity Friends Meeting, Unity NH Thank you for your marvelous service I just discovered thanks to my local Pacifica alternative community radio, WOOL.FM, Bellows Falls VT

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