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Carrie Newcomer

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Carrie Newcomer

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Carrie Newcomer is a musical beacon of light & soul from Indiana. She is consciously reaching inward, gently sharing what she finds, delighting in people and flashes of the Divine everywhere. She's got 12 recordings of her own material and regularly collaborates with other musicians, poets, and writers. She is a member of Bloomington, Indiana, Friends Meeting.

All the songs in this program are performed by Carrie Newcomer:

Before and After from Before and After
Geodes from The Geography of Light
If Not Now from Before and After
Betty's Diner from Regulars and Refugees
I Do Not Know It's Name from Before and After
Gathering of Spirits from Gathering of Spirits


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Carrie is amazing! and as

Carrie is amazing! and as authentic and fun in real life as she just was on the radio. DO go to her website and DO go see and hear her live. I have Carrie to thank for teaching me how to write songs and introducing me to my touring buddy (and Good Friend) Patricia Morrison (check out her song of the soul too :) And THANKs be to YOU Mr. Helpsmeet for being true to your Call and your name and creating and re-creating this site !

Carrie Newcomer

I've been a fan of Carrie Newcomer for a long time, and I'm so glad she gets interviewed
here. Thanks to her and Northern Spirit Radio for doing this. She is a national treasure IMHO.

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