Threshold Singers of Eau Claire - Songs for Souls at the Edge


Denise Madland
Ann McKinley

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Threshold Singers

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A visit with the Threshold Singers of Eau Claire, a group of women who, like other Threshold Choirs across the USA, sing people at the edge of life on their way, offering comfort and peace through song.

All the songs in this program are performed by the Threshold Singers of Eau Claire:
I Am Sending You Light
From My Heart
If You Knew
A Place For You
In Breathe Out Breathe
St Francis Prayer
Toward The Stars
Eternal Light
Dona Nobis Pacem
All Through the Night
Rest Easy


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Really liked hearing about

Really liked hearing about the singers! Liked the song Toward the Stars



I'm gratified and humbled to

I'm gratified and humbled to learn of the Threshold Choir's service to others in the Eau Claire area. Their work is important and deserving of publicity and support.

I enjoyed listening to the

I enjoyed listening to the program. I think that it accurately protrays the love that the singers have to be in service to others. It also demonstrates the sweetness of the songs. The music is not intended to be a performance, but an experience of consciousness. Thank you Mark for sharing this information with others.

First off, I love hearing

First off, I love hearing Cris Williamson sing "Song of the Soul." Nothing like Women's Music from the 70's to "bring it all back." Thank you, Mark, for the opportunity to spread the lovely, caring message of Threshold Singing. Your interviewing style and production work are the perfect venue to take us into cyberspace.

Thanks for inviting us

Thanks for inviting us/Threshold Singers to your show! It turned out very nice.

Beautiful women singing from

Beautiful women singing from the Spirit of Life. Thank you. Bless you! Thanks to Mark for opening the door to sharing spiritual matters of the heart that reflect life as it really is.

Wonderful and a perfect time

Wonderful and a perfect time for me to sit and listen before the Lord.

Amazing! I'd never heard of

Amazing! I'd never heard of Threshold singers/choirs until I listened to this programme today. Beautiful. Thank you to all those wonderful singers, and to Mark for bringing their good work to a wider audience.

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