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3 Western Friend Essays

Western Friend is part of my regular reading, full of deep, innovative, rooted articles by real people, all brought together under the creative magic of Mary Klein. In each issue she brings together profound thoughts & insights in amazingly few words. Here are a few of her editorials/intros/overviews we've included in our Essays & Thoughts program collection, read by Mary.

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Wisdom Beneath, Wisdom Above: On Politics

Mary Klein
On Politics

"This “wisdom from above,” which today Friends typically call “the Light,” is a power to see the truth of our reality, to distinguish good from evil.

Our Light directs us to continually reexamine the memories and experiences that comprise our sense of reality – to question whether they are demonstrable facts or merely self-serving assumptions."

Editorial comments by Mary Klein from the July/August issue of Western Friend on Politics.


Inclusion, Justice, Politics, Home, & A Guitar

Peter Leidy
Peter Leidy

Peter Leidy does his work of building inclusion predominantly in the area of disabilities, and with considerable creativity, often writing new songs or crafting new lyrics for existing tunes to tell a story or convey a lesson. Whether the topic is disabilities or social justice, or politics or a sense of home, Peter brings tremendous wit and deep passion to the teachable moment.

Featured Music:

Funny Medicine

Al Gini
Al Gini

Stressful, challenging, daunting times call for special medicine. Al Gini, author of The Importance of Being Funny: Why We Need More Jokes in Our Lives, believes that humor is a vital ingredient in good emotional/mental health. Al is Professor of Business Ethics at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University, and for decades was the "resident philosopher" on NPR's affiliate WBEZ in Chicago.

Climate Thought, Poetry, Talk, Price, Music & Radio

Chandler Green
Lilace Mellin Guignard
Elke Arnesen
Natasha DeJarnett
Jalone White-Newsome
Ashley Mazanec

Guest host for the week is Peterson Toscano of Citizens' Climate Radio, speaking with Chandler Green on discussing climate issues with Republicans, poet & writer Lilace Mellin Guignard, Elke Arnesen of the Put A Price On It campaign, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett on the health risks of a warmer planet, Dr.

Pro-Voice: Truce in the Abortion Wars

Aspen Baker
Aspen Baker

For decades there has been a political war about abortion where the only acceptable answers were pro-choice or pro-life. Aspen Baker, founder of Exhale & author of Pro-Voice: How to Keep Listening When The World Wants a Fight, has been advocating for empathic listening to women who've had abortions as a new path to peace in the abortion wars.

Broadcasting Activism, Song & Spirit

Mark Helpsmeet
Mark Helpsmeet

The tables are turned in today's program, as Spirit In Action's regular host, Mark Helpsmeet, is himself interviewed by Robert Park of WIDE-LP, Madison, Wisconsin. Topics addressed are the roots of Mark's broadcasts and activism, the mechanics of building a syndicated community radio based program, and the goals and future of creation of spirit-focused shows aimed at improving the world.

Love Your Planet Comedy Night

Tane Danger
The Theater of Public Policy

Improvisational humor is an awesome tool used by The Theater of Public Policy (t2p2.net) to find new ways forward in public discourse. Co-founded by Tane Danger & Brandon Boat in 2011, they've tackled a surprisingly wide variety of issues with their creative and disarming approach, including farm policy, robotics, clean water, and religion. Back on Feb 15th they performed for the Love Your Planet Comedy Night sponsored by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.

The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective

Gary Dorrien
The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective

Gary Dorrien is author of The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective, in which he looks at Barack Obama, the man & his history, and his policies, to see whether they pass muster from a progressive political & theological perspective. Gary is the Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and Professor of Religion at Columbia University. He is the author of 14 books and around 250 articles on a range of topics.


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