Punk-Jazz-Haiku Bodywork

Chris Hayden

Let him near a guitar and Ned Brown  transmutes the punk rock of his youth, mixed with ingredients of jazz and word play, into something new for the planet, though most days he's just a mild-mannered, meditating, Tai Chi, bodywork professional with Earth & Sky Bodyworks, Who is the real, who the fakir? A question beyond our pay grade!

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

The Buddha Would Dig It - Eve Decker

Eve Decker
Eve Decker

Eve Decker weaves health and healing through her music, with a mixture all her own of Buddhist teaching and insights, plus Jewish wisdom and mysticism, and even modern psychological understandings. Combining her compelling voice with beautiful melodies and transcendent themes, Eve is a blessing in musical clothing!

​Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Buddhism, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist

Among 800 Irish Orphans - Danny Ellis' Song of the Soul

Danny Ellis
Portraid of Danny Ellis looking to his left and smiling.

Danny Ellis spent 8 often-traumatic yrs in an orphanage in Ireland, healed from it by meditation, music, & love, and through his newly released book, A Boy at the Gate, shares the pain, humor, love, & music of his story. A beautiful voice & great music, & a true story on top of it - what's not to love?

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