We Need A Bobby Kennedy

Larry Tye

Bobby Kennedy started out aligned with conservative commie-chasing Joe McCarthy, but ended up an inspirational, hard-fighting liberal. Larry Tye scrutinizes the history and make a case that we need just such a transformed bridge-builder today. That and much more in Larry's book, Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:


Sanctity of Life - Vasu Murti - Part 2

Vasu Murti
Sanctity of Life - Vasu Murti - Part 2

Vasu Murti asks a disturbing question - if world hunger, climate change, and, importantly, abortion are the karma for our animal-based diet, can we get liberals and conservatives to come together to affirm the sanctity of all life? Vasu Murti is author of The Shall Not Hurt or Destroy: Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in the Western Religious Traditions and also The Liberal Case Against Abortion.

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