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Citizens Climate Radio
Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 5: Diving into climate denial

Ah, climate denial: a constant companion. It has distracted climate advocates and slowed down public discussion and political action. As a result, climate activists and comics have gotten downright snarky and angry at people who are skeptical of climate science. In this episode, we bring in climate advocates and communication experts to explore what might be behind the denial and how to respond.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Communication Myths

Want to be a better climate change communicator? Then listen to this episode! Not only will you learn essential lessons about connecting with others about climate change, host Peterson Toscano will lead you through an exercise that connects climate change to passions and people in your life.

Rachel Lamb & YECA
Cloud of Witnesses

Climate Change — what’s faith got to do with it? To dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to a rapidly changing planet, people of faith and religious leaders play essential roles. Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano introduces you to two people of faith who are active climate advocates.

Duh, We Are The Children

For those of us who want to motivate our friends to climate advocacy, we often look for a silver bullet — that perfect talking point that will get people on board. One of the most popular is, We need to think about future generations. We must act on behalf of the children and the grandchildren. In this episode we explore this climate pitch.

Marshall Saunders & Mark Reynolds
Beginnings and Transformations

Welcome to the first episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio. In this podcast we highlight people’s stories, we celebrate your successes, and together we share strategies for talking about climate change.


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