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Sleuthing Sexual Abuse With Spirit

Occasionally big issues, like sexual abuse, are tackled through fiction - all the better when enhanced through an alternative detective approach. In St. Mary's Private Dancer, Blair Hull explores the underworld of sex work in a murder mystery, and in Quaker Witness the issues are sexual harassment, rape, & murder, written by E.

Idris Phillips
Star by Moon

Idris Phillips has been making superb music with wonderful artists for close to 40 years, and finally he's released his first CD, Star By Moon, this one emphasizing his folk roots, but promising his jazz, blues, and other styles in future recordings. His guitar & keyboards are magic, and his lyrics triple-deep, in the listener's ear, in Idris' personal experience, & in the mystical truths they name.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Many Campgrounds
The Beloved Community Includes Many Campgrounds

"The Beloved Community includes many campgrounds. We Friends can help the stranger find a place to call home, perhaps with us or perhaps with others."

Introduction by Mary Klein to the Sept/Oct issue of Western Friend "On Home".


On Politics
Wisdom Beneath, Wisdom Above: On Politics

"This “wisdom from above,” which today Friends typically call “the Light,” is a power to see the truth of our reality, to distinguish good from evil.

Our Light directs us to continually reexamine the memories and experiences that comprise our sense of reality – to question whether they are demonstrable facts or merely self-serving assumptions."

Editorial comments by Mary Klein from the July/August issue of Western Friend on Politics.


On Competition
Who Are We Winning For: On Competition

"So it doesn’t just matter if we win, it also matters who we are winning for. And it matters which games we’re willing to play." Just one tidbit from the overview by editor Mary Klein to the Jan/Feb issue of Western Friend "On Competition".

Elizabeth Kemler
A New York Cowgirl's Tale

Let Elizabeth Erin Kemler ride into your heart with her passionate songs related to The Weight of Mortal Skin. Elizabeth champions an array of organizations like Kids for Peace, Songs for a Cause, Hope Sings, and many others, while single parenting her son. The skin may be mortal, but not so the music.

Widening Circle of Care

When we find that even well-loved and previously-respected icons are dropping left & right, we need to be asking what we can do to encourage healthy, thoughtful, & non-predatory male sexuality. Fortunately, Peter Alsop has been exploring & walking just such a path with his music for decades, taking on all the related, thorny issues with wit, insight, & song. After all, Peter is an educational psychologist, as well as a wonderful musician.

Anastasia Vishnevsky
Manifest Buddhist Amen

Anastasia Vishnevsky shares her Buddhist soul locally as Manifest Eau Claire and as part of RavenWolf (with Kai Ulrica). Stasia does alchemy, mixing pain, errors, injury, blessings, & vision into golden music.

John O'Brien
Keeping It Halal

In Keeping It Halal: The Everyday Lives of Muslim American Teenage Boys, John O'Brien looks at the lives of the Legendz, a small group of members of the Muslim Youth Program of a mosque John worked with. The tensions of be a member of a too-often-feared religion and to be accepted as a teenager in the USA can be a real challenge, and John explores the way it works.

Citizens' Climate Radio Ep 18 Aaron Telitz Race Driver and Climate Advocate

Today on the show you are going to meet an unlikely climate advocate, Aaron Telitz--an Indy car racer. Originally from Birchwood, WI, Aaron grew up at a fishing resort and could filet a bluegill fish in 25 seconds. Wanting to experience the thrill of more speed, Aaron turned to amateur car racing which led to professional racing.


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