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Tom Goss

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Tom Goss

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Tom Goss is a big-hearted singer/songwriter from Washington D.C. Motivated by his passion for social justice issues, Tom spent 6 months in seminary to become a Catholic priest before deciding it wasn't right for him. Tom writes and sings frequently of love and its rightness, regardless of laws. Tom and his partner will be married in October in D.C., one of the areas that provides for gay marriage.

All the songs in this program are written and performed by Tom Goss:
You Don't Question Love
Till The End
Legacy of You
Back To Arkansas
Separate Peace



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Tom Goss' honesty, clarity,

Tom Goss' honesty, clarity, and humility in a professional musician is refreshing... and his songs speak to my heart head and soul (especially "Lover"). Thanks for another great interview, Mark!

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