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Sara Bryan

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Sara's spiritual journey might be seen as an upward spiral of sorts. She grew up in a couple different very conservative Lutheran churches which, as it developed, did not fit her well. Her exploration as a young adult took to Unity for some years, then to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and then back to St John's Lutheran Church, this time of the ELCA flavor. Among the other expessions of her spirit, Sara leads weekly Soul Dance in Eau Claire.



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Word from the interviewee

A note from the interviewed: Mark first asked me to consider sharing my story about a year ago. It took me that long to decide that yes, it was time. The preparation was meaningful and healing. The interview itself was affirming; it gave me a chance to speak of what is most important to me. Mark is a sensitive and respectful interviewer, his skills are just what are needed to make these interviews hold together and come alive. The service that Mark provides to our community with his Song of the Soul program is of great value. My prayer is that everyone who seeks good company on their soul journey will discover this treasure, for the good of all.

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