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Peter Phippen

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Peter Phippen

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Peter Phippen started his musical career playing bass in a country western band, making good money, at the age of only 12. His search for the instrument of his soul was fulfilled when he met the bamboo flute 23 years ago. He's a regional icon on the flute, as both a composer and performer. Raised mostly non-religious, Peter considers himself a spiritualist with great affection for the Tao Te Ching.

All the songs in this program are performed by Peter Phippen:

Sins of the Father   from Book of Dreams
Echos of the Past   from Echos of the Past
Blue Sunset   from Night Songs
Devotion   from Shadows of Dawn
Parallel Worlds   from Shadows of Dawn



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Nice show! Enjoyed the

Nice show! Enjoyed the musical selections...they were an excellent representation of Peter's spirit and musical abilities...and the questions regarding them were insightful and helped bring out the 'feelings' that quided the playing.

I have known Peter since I

I have known Peter since I was 15 years old growing up with his daughter and attending the same high school. Peter and the rest of his family have taken me into there family. He is my "adopted father" and he has taught me not to listen but to feel music. Thats what he gives to his listens or should I say feelers. He gives his soul, his mind, all his energy in what he preforms. He said in this interview that he does force the music and it cant be duplicated. He can play the same notes, the same melody, but its never the same because everytime he plays he give you something different. I have so many memories of Peter playing during famuly gatherings and its not a party without Peter giving us some music. If you haven't listened to Peter before you owe it to yourself, to your soul to listen and relax. To become one with yourself. You wont be disappointed. Much Love, Jonas Gonstead

Quality radio

Excellent. Quality radio.. So many people miss so much by relying on TV for their entertainment.

Music goes right to my soul


Peter Phippen is genuine!

Peter Phippen is genuine! Great show...really enjoyed listening to what Phippen had to say....great sounds, too! I'm buying his music! Would enjoy hearing more!

Peter's music is very emotive

Peter's music is very emotive. He pours his life into his music and it shows. I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter for some time and following his career. The questions were insightful and well thought out. I enjoyed hearing Peter talk about his music again. It was a wonderful interview, insightful, informative, and entertaining. Kudos to both Mark and Peter it was a pleasure! Peter's music has had a positive affect on my life. Thanks Peter for putting it

Interview deepened my respect

This interview further deepend my respect for Peter as an artist and a person. I have listend several times. There is magic in his music, and in his thoughts. GREAT show. Even led me to my first bansuri purchase.

Very intereasting and

Very intereasting and enjoyable.

I am enthralled with Peter's music

I am enthralled with Peter's music. Most amazing is his Blue Sunset which echoes the univeral rhythms I made in a painting from a blue sunset in Exuma. Yes, there are blue sunsets. Also Stevie Ray Vaughn also did not control his music and stated he felt his soul just was a receiver from universal rhythms. This is the hallmark of an artist, when their soul has a direct influence in their work.

This is the Peter I know

This is the Peter I know. Brutally honest. The interview was meaningful and deep from within about different aspects of Peters life. I felt like I was in the room. There is so much passion in his music. He plays with his heart and soul about his experiences in life. I truly enjoyed listening to every minute.

Excellent musician, beautiful person

Excellent musician Peter Phippen, and a beautiful person. Thank-you for the interview I rather enjoyed listening to it.

Really enjoyed listening to Peter's music

I really enjoyed listened to Peter Phippen's music and his words spoken, he is truly gifted and and is in tune with all flutes he plays. I have had the pleasure meeting this amazing artist of wind that travels through many flutes and I can say it has been an honor for me to listen to his love in song. I totally agree with what he shared with giving everything away when making the music... that is the gift in receiving.. and I must say that most flute players are very gifted and play from their center the heart which is truly amazing. I thank you Mark from bringing Peter to the airwaves for us to hear his music and his words... I would LOVE to hear him again on your station. Good Music to you... Bernadette

Loved it!

Loved it!

Absolutely Wonderful!!!

Absolutely Wonderful!!! Peter is the best at what he does there is no one better. john

Struck by the warmth and intelligence

Hi Mark, I live in england and was sent the link to this show by an Estonian friend. I would like to say that quite apart from the wonderful music played by Peter, I was struck by the warmth and intelligence of your presentation - the friendly approach that was able to draw great insights from him. Indeed it was like two dear friends talking in a pleasant unhurried way and made me envious that there is nothing quite like this in england. Perhaps one day when I amass a little more music of my own I may find myself at the happy place of being interviewed by yourself. Wonderful. Best Regards, Les Wilson

Great interview with Peter, he's such a great flute player

Great interview with peter, he's such a great guy and a great flute player. i feel that his path is quite similar to my own. I can't wait to share the stage with him. thank you for letting me speak my mind, take care and may the spirits be with you...blessed be.

This was great as is

This was great as is everything Peter Phippen does.

I really liked the interview questions.

I really liked the interview questions. It showed that the interviewer was passionate about the artist and I think this brought out good responses from the artist.

Great show!

Great show! Really enjoyed listening to Peter's music and getting some insight into his motivation behind the songs. Rock on Peter!

Totally blown away by the music

I met Peter at the first INAFA Covention about 10-years ago... I was totally "blown away" by his rare and marvelous talent. Since then, he has only gotten better, if that is possible (smile). Hearing him play is always an unforgettable, emotional experience.

So fulfilling to listen

It is so fulfilling to listen to Peter talk about the flute. Listing to him play and listing to the music has so much passion and at times so spiritual and also the feeling of intense excitement. I have heard him play the base. So awesome but peter you and the flute are more involved with passion and pleasure. So exciting. Thank you.

Peter Phippen is divinely

Peter Phippen is divinely inspired for his music, and beliefs, are sublime. His music takes you on an ethereal journey into nature and the universe...It's soulful and touches your heart. Brilliant artistry. Wonderful radio interview. Loved his insights about music and spirituality!

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