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J.E. McNeil

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J.E. McNeil's new book, Peace-Work Quilt, draws on the many stories & experiences from the 12 years she has served as Executive Director of the Center on Conscience & War. The stories are vivid and the thoughts and analysis penetrating - and the spirit is deep.



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Intelligent fighter for social justice

I had the pleasure of meeting two McNeil sisters back at the University of Texas back in the ?1960s. I knew Martha and Laura. I was very young, but they struck me as very different from White Women that I had met at that time. They were not just very intelligent, but they were fighters for social justice for Black People like me. The program with J.E. McNeil made me think about things which had not entered my mind for decades. I left the military for Canada in the late l960s. I found help the late Fay Stender who was later shot by a Black Militant. J.E. confirmed my decision to go to Canada. I am not sure if my "soul" could have survived killing someone. Like J.E. I was raised Methodist. I rejected the Methodist because of their support of racial discrimination as well as war. I had some very serious flirtation with the Quakers but I never crossed that bridge. For a number of years I went to Quakers Meeting. I am still amazed out so many smart and just people could come from family. It has been an honor to know McNeil sisters. Finally, my brother was a marine who killed many people in war. He wrecked his life and the lives of many people who loved him. And what was gained? It was a great program. Leon B. McNealy

I can't rate the show because

I can't rate the show because it is the first I have heard, but I thought the questions were provocative and JE gave her normal honest and creative answers. She is one of my favorite people and does justice to her organization and the Quakers, both. Thanks for having her on.

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