Musical Mystic - Rahbi Crawford's Song of the Soul


Rahbi Crawford

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photo of Rahbi Crawford sitting surrounded by 8 crystal bowls

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Rahbi Crawford does amazing music with a unique focus, stimulating the energy & health of our chakras and the system they are part of. With crystal bowls, wood flutes, wooden frogs and more, Rahbi follows an intuitive muse on a mystical, musical, journey. From Catholic, to born-again Christian, to chakra adept, Rahbi shows us new possibilities.

All the songs in this program are (co-)written & performed by Rahbi Crawford:

Love's Return from Ascending Heart
Cross of Love available at
Nature, Portal to Wisdom from Ascending Heart
Life's Review from Ascending Heart

BONUS EXCERPT: Clearance - from Ascending Heart


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Great interview, some of the

Great interview, some of the music was nice especially for meditative purposes.

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