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Jillian Rae

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Jillian Rae

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Jillian Rae says that she's got music genre ADD, unable to stay focused on any one genre of music. Trained in classical music on the violin, she's likely to be on stage singing and playing pop, cosmic country, old-school folk, hard rock and anything else in reach. You can see her in person at the Great River Folk Festival, August 28-30, 2015.

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Jillian Rae:
Heartbeat - on Heartbeat
Helpless - on Heartbeat
Lay It To Rest - on Heartbeat
The Wagoner's Lad - performed with Corpse Reviver, written by Buell Kazee

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This interview captures Jillian Rae really well

Jillian is a sunny, optimistic, energetic, and very determined person who, it just so happens, bleeds music.  (Really, if she got a cut, I think quarter notes would come out!)  If she gets mad, she doesn't get negative or down, she just buckles down and makes things better.  I think this shows in her music,  She is a pleasure to know and this interview was a pleasure to listen to.

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