Letting My Peaches Go - Liberating Black Thought


Janet Cheatham Bell

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Janet Cheatham Bell

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Not All Poor People Are Black (and other things we need to think more about) is a collection of essays by Janet Cheatham Bell, treating the reader to the insights and experiences of a strong African American woman from Indiana. Janet speaks movingly, honestly, and inspirationally of racism, spirituality, politics, and much more. With astonishing candor and humble brilliance, Janet opens eyes and minds.


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Janet Bell's interview

I just wanted to say that many of her thoughts and feelings seemed to mirror my thoughts and feelings. Loved the interview. Thanks for being a strong black woman.

Nice conversations about divisions between people

A very nice, well rounded and mind opening conversation. It's funny that Unity Church felt hierarchical to your guest. I have spoken to an acquaintance of mine who attended a Unity Church and felt unwelcome. I wondered if it wasn't just a bit of projection. I have never been to a Unity Church, but listen to many Unity online radio shows and find their teaching to be very much in line with my Quakerish/spiritualist beliefs.

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