Healing Burns at a Distance - Fire Burn Doctor


Alison McDermott
Charles Barnhardt
Mary Badham
Vitaly Korobov
Greg Trail (in Excerpts)

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Healing Burns at a Distance - Fire Burn Doctor

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Fireburn Doctor provides a simple, free, miraculous, service - healing of your burns with a single phone call. It sounds absolutely unbelievable, but what are we to believe when the evidence is there? We visit with Alison McDermott of the Fireburn Doctor team & 3 who've experienced it - former Judge Charles Barnhardt, actress Mary Badham, Vitaly Korobov of the US Patent & Trademark office. Plus, in Excerpts, a 3-time user, 1998 Mr. Ohio bodybuilder, Greg Trail.

Help participate in the validation of this healing work - either post or add  818-332-6445  to your cell, and provide feedback via comments on this site as to any experience you have with Fireburn Doctor.


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Sounds too good to be true as

Sounds too good to be true as you admit and I hope I never need to call the number but if I or someone I know gets burned, I'm sure going to call. 3/12/12

With so much credible

With so much credible testimony and physical evidence, I would suggest that this interview describes a capability we share beyond any conceived by mankind. The ramifications of this method and implications for our future stretch beyond the imagination. Given the rather sudden emergence of previously unappreciated human metaphysical capabilities emerging, this is not too inconceivable to consider, quite the contrary. More information available at www.psproof.com

I was getting ready for bed

I was getting ready for bed and was making a tea to relax me. I put a tea bag into a cup the water was boiling hot and i poured it into the cup.and accidently dropped it on my right foot.i was wearing long socks.which very quickly soaked up The hot liquid my first thought was to get the sock off! My second was my diabetes! And what's going to happen! Then i quickly remembed the burn doctor. And got the phone number from. The internet. I called asap!and now its day 2 and no pain no blistering.just some redness but that's all!! It's. Amazing im going to let everyone know about the burn doctor!!!x

We are starting to scratch the surface of our divinity...

Thank you Mark Helpsmeet ~ Spirit In Action for sharing this great stuff. It is now further shared here at His Earth Party platform: http://EarthPartyNow.com at: tinyurl.com/DrPhilipSavage777 The moment is here now for all to know stuff like this, to know exactly how divine we all actually are, indeed. All welcome to His eternal love jubilee, Cheers... )

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