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Peggy Sheppard
Dr. Beverly G. Ward
Anna Fritz

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Peterson Toscano of Citizens' Climate Radio hosts today with perspectives from people of color on climate change, from organizations and individuals about environomental & climate justice, speaking with Peggy Sheppard of WE ACT For Environmental Justice and Dr. Beverly G Ward, Field Director for Earthcare for SE Yearly Meeting. Plus a look at 3 books, and visit with Singer/Songwriter Anna Fritz.

What do people of color concerned about climate change and environmental impacts to their communities want white climate advocates to know? What roles do climate organizations with mostly white members play in environmental justice work? How do you define "the environment," and what is climate justice? Today we take on a big story. Bigger than any single extreme weather event, we explore the topics of environmental justice and climate justice. We look at how injustice in society, particularly in the USA, deepens suffering during a time of climate change

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Evangelical Christian, Quaker

First Half
Peggy Sheppard, the co-founder and executive director of WE ACT For Environmental Justice
Puzzler Question: You are chatting with someone who likes the idea of windmills but thinks they are ugly. Jonathan Abbatt answers

Second Half
Dr. Beverly G Ward, Field Director for Earthcare for the Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, talks about her work pursuing environmental and climate justice. 

Peterson shares three books that look back at Hurricane Katrina. Learn about a graphic novel, a work of non-fiction, and a book of poetry

- A.D New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld
- Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
- Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith

Singer Songwriter Anna Fritz is a classically trained cellist. She fuses her artistry with her passions for justice and the environment. The result is a moving duet between this Portland, OR-based musician and her cello. Anna creates a whole new style of folk music. She talks about the inspiration for her songs and her role in encouraging climate advocates. Hear two songs from her new album, On a High Hill. Follow her on Twitter: @annaplayscello

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