Catherine Price's Song of the Soul


Catherine Price

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Catherine Price is southern born and raised with a hobo's heart and deep affection for many types of music, including, currently, country swing. She was raised Southern Baptist, served in the Peace Corps and ended up a Quaker, all of it with a deep connection to music.

Songs included in Catherine Price's Song of the Soul:

Hobo in My Heart
Pale Moon Light
Peace River
Blue Eyed Florida Baby


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I thought the music and

I thought the music and commentary blended so well to define the spirit and soul of Catherine. David and Catherine are my neighbors and I am so fortunate to be able to converse with them often. Catherine even helped me through the rough trials of setting up a computer and it was great to be able to hear this E-mail.

What a treat...great music

What a treat...great music and a genuine interview of our friend, Catherine--personal and Quaker. This was a wonderful opportunity to experience the fruits of your practice, both spiritually and musically. We truly enjoyed listening to your favorite artists and especially the songs you wrote and sang so beautifully. We are proud of your accomplishments and so very happy for you. We love you, Catherine. Super job--an A+ from your teacher friends!

I have known Catherine for a

I have known Catherine for a few years and have always enjoyed her music. Thank you for including her in your program. She is a genuine and wonderful individual and this is reflected in the music she does.

What interesting dimensions

What interesting dimensions you provide listeners! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Catherine Price, FL. I love her music and spirit and scope of her oversight. Thanks for interviewing her. I am hopeful that in due time, she does cut a CD—I'll stand in line to buy it!

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