Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood


Mary Conrow Coelho

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Mary Conrow Coelho's book, Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood. The Power of Contemplation in a Evolving Universe, draws on her teaching & research in biology, Masters of Divinity, and PhD in Historical Theology to explore and flesh in "The New Story" of our place in an evolving universe.

To learn more about Mary, you can look at some of her inspired art, read some of her writings or you can search for and buy her book.

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Gentle Arms of Eden - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
I Am An Acorn - Carol Johnson
Creation Is Laughing - Carol Johnson


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It is a gem

An emai to QEW from eric joy helped me connect with this program (Mary was a First Day classmate about 70 years ago) I have had little success trying to share Mary's book with others, but now I have this program. It is a gem that brings out facets of the organic contemplative experience that seems at the heart of Friends universal process. Perhaps, only you could have brought her understandings out so clearly. My deepest thanks.

Mary's artwork is very

Mary's artwork is very inspiring, and her work meshes with Craig Hamilton's Evolutionary Life Transformation program. She is a voice in harmony with Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber. It is truly an exciting time to be alive!

I am a 'fan' of Mary Conrow Coelho

I am a 'fan' of Mary Conrow Coelho and have listened to this broadcast earlier. I have read and studied her book but feel there is always more there for me to grasp. I can't get enough of her!! She challenges my spiritual development. Thank you for the inteview.

I have read Mary's book and I

I have read Mary's book and I feel blest by hearing her discussing of it.

Mark, Congratulations on the

Mark, Congratulations on the interview with Mary C Coelho! This is the first time I've heard her voice, and I am grateful for that added dimension. I've just finished listening to it, and I'm offering superficial responses. I hope I'll have more to offer later. Since we met at Session, I've had a chance to get into discussions with several members of meeting (6-10) who have read the book or have tried to. All but two have said they find the book difficult, many find it daunting. Listening to Mary, especially some of the occasions when she was reading from the book, I had that experience myself. I immediately "explained" it as "well, those sentences were written to be read, not heard; they are too dense to be assimilated in a single pass, as when one is only hearing them once." That "explanation" is probably a good one, but I think, additionally, Mary's presentation, what she offers us, is dense. As an undergraduate I had trouble reading math texts, because --I came to understand-- I had a preconception of not spending more than 15 minutes on a single page. Some of the stuff I was reading required an hour on two facing pages, and if I hadn't turned a page after 30 minutes I felt stuck, bogged down. Personally, I get giddy, reading AWAKENING UNIVERSE EMERGING PERSONHOOD, but in conversation with others in my meeting I have come to understand that is because I have immersed myself in the authors she addresses, for years. Like somebody who understands most of the math concepts being presented, the pages don't seem TOO packed with material.

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