2017's Musical Finale


Heidi Kalyani
Laura Joy
Jen Hazen
Alex Mead
Dawud Wharnsby
Elizabeth Erin Kemler

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A revisit to 6 powerful performers from the end of 2017, sampling some of the musical styles we heard, including kirtan, pop, folk, rap/hip-hop, and country, and you'll encounter stories and songs from folk like Heidi Kalyani in Nova Scotia, Laura Joy in Chicago, Jen Hazen in Eau Claire instead of prison, Alex Mead in Buffalo, NY, Dawud Wharnsby in Kitchener, Ontario, and Elizabeth Erin Kemler, with a cowgirl heart in New York. Click on their names to listen to the full interviews.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Buddhism, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Meditation, Muslim, Non-affiliated, Quaker, Unitarian Universalist 

Featured Music:
Shakti Devi - by Heidi Kalyani
Takes A While - by Laura Joy
Prison Runs In My Family - by Jen Hazen
All Winners - by Alex Mead/My Rap Name Is Alex
Out Seeing the Fields - by Dawud Wharnsby
A Cowgirl’s Tale - by Elizabeth Erin Kemler

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