Peggy Seeger Book & NSR

Peggy Seeger Book

We talk to a lot of folk musicians for Song of the Soul, because that's a special passion of mine, and so I tracked down Pete Seeger's younger sister, Peggy Seeger, back in 2010, and did both a Song of the Soul interview and a Spirit In Action interview with her. And just recently I talked to her again, as part of a series on Pete Seeger's influences.

Well, we're making it into the official folk annals, being mentioned in a book by Jean R. Freedman called, Peggy Seeger: A Life of Music, Love, and Politics. Jean has her Ph.D. in Folklore from Indiana University. She comments in the book about Peggy's song, Love Call Me Home:

"The song struck a chord with people of liberal religious beliefs and with the hospice movement. Hospice choirs adopted it as a theme song. On May 2, 2010, Peggy was the featured performer on the radio program Song of the Soul, which explored music and social justice from a Quaker perspective. Just as her mother presented a secular Christmas, Peggy had envisioned a secular heaven."